Domain Retrieval

Domain Retrieval

Has Someone Taken The .AU Extension Of Your Domain Name?

The new .au domain extension is the biggest advancement in the .au space in 20 years that provides:

Greater choice of trusted, uniquely Australian domain names

Access to shorter, simpler website and email addresses

Domain names that are easier to type and display on mobile devices

Versatile solution for business ideas, marketing, events, websites, and email.

The release of the .au extension in Australia brought about certain risks for domain owners who didn’t register during the priority allocation period. If someone else registered the .au extension of your domain, they could potentially exploit your brand and reputation by cloning your website and redirecting traffic meant for your site to the cloned one. This can lead to confusion among your customers and damage your online presence.

Additionally, there is a risk of scammers purchasing your domain in the open market and using it for fraudulent activities. They may create email addresses with the .au extension and send phishing emails to steal sensitive information, causing significant harm to your reputation.

As highlighted by the Australian Cyber Security Centre, not registering your current domain for the new .au extension opens up opportunities for fraudulent impersonation attempts and cybercrime. The simplified .au extension makes it more challenging for businesses and even your own employees to differentiate criminal domains used in phishing scams.

What You Can Do

Taking immediate action to reclaim your domain is of utmost importance. Here are proactive steps you can consider:

Take Legal Action

Although it is an option, reclaiming your domain can be challenging and costly. Since you had a six-month priority period to register your domain, the chances of receiving favorable consideration from an arbitrator or judge may be low.If all else fails, you may consider taking legal action to reclaim your domain. However, pursuing legal avenues can be complex and expensive. It’s important to consult with legal professionals who specialize in domain disputes to assess the feasibility and potential outcomes of such action.

Approach the current owner

As an alternative option, you can try approaching the current owner of the domain. Contacting them directly and negotiating a potential transfer or purchase of the domain may offer a more expedient and cost-effective solution compared to legal proceedings.You can find out the details of the owner by visiting the following site then contact them. This approach may work but it can be expensive. The owner will in many cases ask you for a high price sensing the increased urgency for you as a business to own it.

Contact Domain Labs to approach the current .au domain owner

As a professional domain management company, we specialize in discreetly approaching domain owners and negotiating competitive prices on your behalf. With our experience and track record, we aim to secure the domain at a more favorable rate. Our fee is 10% of the total transaction value, payable only upon successful acquisition. Contact us if you need assistance with your .au extension registration.

Do both 2 and 3 – Approach the owner AND Contact Domain Labs to approach the owner

To maximize your chances of success, it is advisable to pursue both options simultaneously. Firstly, you can personally approach the owner of the domain to negotiate its acquisition. Secondly, you can also contact Domain Labs, who can leverage their expertise to engage with the owner on your behalf. This dual approach increases the likelihood of securing a favorable outcome for you.

What will our service cost?

For full disclosure, we charge you a rate of 10% of the total value of the transaction.
So if someone has registered the .au extension of your domain get in touch with us.
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