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Finding it difficult to sell you premium domain? Try our structured deals

If you are finding it difficult to sell your premium domain or if it not making the cashflow from parking we can help you in one of two ways

  • Use our direct selling capability
  • Create a structured finance deal

This is a proactive method to sell your domain. We approach a potential end user on your behalf and negotiate a sale price for you. Why not make use of our network of contacts to find a customer for your premium domain?

Use our direct selling capability Create a structured finance deal: While most potential customers recognise the immense value your premium domain name could bring to their business, they are often shut out of the market because of a lack of capital to pay for the domain upfront. This category of potential customers generally consists of start-ups and small business owners

By creating a structured financial deal like leasing or vendor financing you increase the breadth of the market for your domain name and ensure greater liquidity for your investment.

The most common structured deal we help put together is Vendor financing. This structure ensures that you get a constant stream of payments for your domain at the price you want today.

We also help put together a leasing agreement for your domain and depending upon your objectives we integrate an option for the lessee to purchase your domain at the end of the lease period

We protect you

While there are risks associated with either of these financing arrangements we have in place a wide range of covenants that protect the domain from being devalued in any way from misuse.

These are written into the financing arrangement and by assuming control of your domain we act as an independent third party in the event of a potential violation.

Some of the following violations that could devalue your domain which we constantly monitor include:

  1. Black hat SEO techniques that google blacklists
  2. Spamming
  3. Content copyright issues
  4. Use of malicious programs

Should we identify any potential violations we act immediately by informing the user and recommend immediate corrective action. Failure to rectify the breach results in immediate shutdown of the site

Why Choose Us?

  1. Close more transactions through structured financing
  2. We protect you from default: If the buyer fails to make payment we reclaim the domain and you get to keep all the previous payments
  3. We protect your domain from devaluation
  4. We do it for you

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